Yeast Infection Information

Yeast infections are very common for women to experience. The vagina is a sense is it’s only living, breathing component of the body. It’s self cleansing and produces it’s own bacteria.The problem arises when the production of certain bacteria seems to more than the body needs.

Yeast is naturally present inside the vagina. When overproduction occurs due to a change in hormones it can cause painful and irritating circumstances. Common women will experience a vaginal rash, vulvur irritation, soreness, pain during sex or urination, large or tiny vaginal discharge of various colors, burning, and itching.

If you experience these problems you should speak to your doctor about getting a test done to verify your condition. Most doctors will recommend over the counter treatments to deal with yeast infections as there are many great options out there for you to chose from.

The usual regiments for treatment are anti fungal creams, tablets, ointments, and pills. Your medical professional can better instruct you on which ones to take and why.