How To Prevent Your Vaginal From Getting A Yeast Infection

If you have ever had a yeast infection you know they can be uncomfortable. The vaginal itching, burning, and constant clumpy discharge gets frustrating. Trying to avoid vaginal yeast infections can be done with these great precautions. Let’s take a quick look at what you can do.

Chuck out those fragrance pads, tampons, and odor control sprays. These can actually alter your vaginal pH level can result in the overgrowth of yeast. This will definitely lead to a vaginal yeast infection. Whoever said to use Vaseline for extra lubricant needs slapped upside the head. Don’t ever do that it can make things way worse.

Stop douching and let your vagina naturally cleanse itself like it was made to do. Wearing cotton underwear is better than silk. Silk and other heavy materials tend to retain moisture and heat. This makes it the perfect breeding ground for infections. So stick to the good ole cotton panties ladies.

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Do You Have Gamophobia?

If you don’t know what gamophobia is we are going to explain that first. Gamophobia is the irrational fear of getting married, being in a relationship, or making a commitment to another person. You can learn all about gamophobia by visiting

Marriage is considered a sacred bond between two individuals. It’s true that many people wait their entire life to experience this event. However, for others this event is something they tend to spend their whole life avoiding. Marriage is hard for them to consider as they are afraid of commitment in genera.

What Causes Fibrositis In Women?

The actual cause of fibrositis is not well known. The things that increase your risk of getting this condition is known though. Those that are constantly overworked, have a lot of stress, deal with many emotional disturbances, and don’t get much sleep are at a higher risk for developing this medical condition.

This condition causes pain, stiffness, and tenderness in the muscles, joints, and tendons throughout the female body. Although females are five times more likely to develop this condition over men, men are actually capable of having fibrositis. This is a chronic condition that has immense pain, however it is not considered life-threatening. You can check out this medical guide to learn more about this condition and how to treat the symptoms you may be experiencing.

Yeast Infection Information

Yeast infections are very common for women to experience. The vagina is a sense is it’s only living, breathing component of the body. It’s self cleansing and produces it’s own bacteria.The problem arises when the production of certain bacteria seems to more than the body needs.

Yeast is naturally present inside the vagina. When overproduction occurs due to a change in hormones it can cause painful and irritating circumstances. Common women will experience a vaginal rash, vulvur irritation, soreness, pain during sex or urination, large or tiny vaginal discharge of various colors, burning, and itching.

If you experience these problems you should speak to your doctor about getting a test done to verify your condition. Most doctors will recommend over the counter treatments to deal with yeast infections as there are many great options out there for you to chose from.

The usual regiments for treatment are anti fungal creams, tablets, ointments, and pills. Your medical professional can better instruct you on which ones to take and why.